MLB 2016 Blog Announcement

I am happy to announce that, as of this past weekend, a partnership has made between myself and Johnnie Teng of Baseball: More Than Just A GameBaseball MTJAG was started by Johnnie back in October of 2015, and has since published some very good reads. Partnering with somebody from the West Coast will not only bring double the content to AV Blogs, but also allow for a unique perspective on team’s and their players. Furthermore, Johnnie has had the chance to explore all aspects of baseball, from amateur players, to the minors, to international leagues, something that AV Blogs has yet to introduce. Baseball MTJAG was even featured this past week on  MLB Trade Rumors. As of this morning, you will see that a menu link has been added to provide access to Johnnie’s blog. Certainly check it out once you have a chance.

In the coming months, expect to see publications from Baseball MTJAG appear on this blog, with some of my publications making their appearance on Johnnie’s site as well. Eventually, there will even be joint articles, in which Johnnie and myself discuss various topics from two unique perspectives. As we await the first official Baseball MTJAG publication on this site, below are a few articles of Johnnie’s that are worth the read:

Check back for more from Baseball MTJAG!


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