Red Sox Starting Pitching Trade Deadline Targets

Early Saturday morning (or late Friday night depending on where you live) the Boston Red Sox acquired closer Brad Ziegler from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ziegler, who make no mistake is a very good addition, was not necessarily the name I expected the Sox to get back in June when I explained the team’s possible relief pitching trade targets. Nonetheless, Executive of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski’s focus will now shift to the starting pitching market.

In this follow up to my previous article, I will explore some of the options that the Red Sox could be targeting as improvements to a rotation that enters the All-star break with a couple of holes to fill. You will notice that none of the Tampa Bay Rays’ starters made the list, as I do not anticipate such a significant trade to occur within the division. That being said, lets jump right into it.

The Top Tier:

Jose Fernandez, 23, RHP, MIA

2016 Stats: 17 GS, 11-4, 107.1 IP, 154 SO, 4.97 K/BB, 2.52 ERA, 1.02 WHIP

Contract: $2.8m (2016), Arb2 (2017), Arb3 (2018)

If the Red Sox area willing to trade four or five players from the list of…



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