Analyzing the Players Involed in the Cubs/Yankees Deal

Aroldis Chapman is now a member of the Chicago Cubs. It had long been speculated that Chapman would be on the move at some point before the trade deadline, as the Yankees currently sit 7.5 games back in the AL East and 4.5 games out from the second wild card spot. With a record of 50-48, the deficit may not seem too large, but the Yankees have question marks all over their lineup and rotation. 39-year-old Carlos Beltran, who like Chapman is in a contract year, has been the team’s best hitter. The rotation has failed to find consistency beyond Masahiro Tanaka.

This all adds up to a Yankee run differential of -25 on the season. The other three teams ahead of them in the AL East all have run differentials of +40 or better. The Chicago Cubs, on the other hand, lead the entire league in both record, 59-38, as well as run differential, at +150.

The deal that has been agreed to is as follows:

New York Yankees Receive:

SS Gleyber Torres
RHP Adam Warren
OF Billy Mckinney
OF Rashad Crawford

Chicago Cubs Receive:

LHP Aroldis Chapman



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