Avoiding Fake News: MLB Edition

While scrolling through my twitter feed the other day, a tweet about a specific topic caught my attention. The topic, which I will reveal in the following paragraphs, has been a major point of contention for much of the MLB season, and I personally have been adamantly on one side of the debate. Others, such as the author of the tweet, have found ways to talk around negative storylines, becoming apologists for the team(s) that they cover. Whether or not you believe that team reporters should have the backs of the teams they cover is irrelevant; they should still be reporting the truth. In extreme situations such as this, writers will find ways to twist the truth and then follow that up by responding to fans’ comments with a snarky, condescending attitude. Having been on the receiving end of a reporter’s frustrations about being questioned, I am here to set the record straight on a recent topic of debate in the world of the MLB.

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I’ll Be the Judge…

I am a Red Sox fan. If you follow me on twitter via @AV_MLBSweetSpot, then I am sure you have been aware of this for awhile now. The reason I have decided to state my team preference at the beginning of this article is because of the delicate topic that I am about to discuss. The current talk around the game is Giancarlo Stanton and his potentially record-breaking homerun pace. He has 44 through Wednesday and is on a pace that could bring him in the range of Roger Maris’s non-steroid record of 61. Stanton is a slugger for sure, and reaching the 60 homerun plateau would be an amazing accomplishment, but fans around the game need to pump the breaks. The level of hype and the “willing to trade anybody for Stanton” talks have become unreasonable, at least in Boston. That being said, I am not here to discuss the merits of Stanton’s recent surge. Instead, I want to talk about another player who, two months ago, was in the position that Stanton is currently in: Aaron Judge.

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