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5 Under the Radar Hitting Prospects

Every year, Baseball America publishes a Top 100 Prospects list before the season begins. and Baseball Prospectus come up with their own lists as well, and baseball fans around the country think they know the whole prospect story. But there’s a lot more to The Farm than a top 100 can cover, and many impact players remain anonymous until they reach the majors. In this article, we’ll look at five hitting prospects producing at higher levels than their notoriety would suggest. (We’ll do pitchers next week.)

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Exciting News, and an Article on Corey Seager

Recently I was asked if I would be able to help provide content to publish on Off The Bench Baseball. Being a great opportunity to get my name out there and to publish on a much more viewed site, I had to accept. Thank you to all of those at Off The Bench who have given me this opportunity!

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Stat Analysis Tells a (Trevor) Story

Through 13 games of the 2016 regular season, Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story has put up a .309/.339/.855 stat line, good for a 1.194 OPS. Extended out over a full 162-game season, and Story projects to hit 100 Home Runs (99.7 to be exact), and drive in 174 runs. Continuing this production would surely be thrilling, but not only is that unlikely, rather, it is impossible, even if Story spends his days and nights hitting in Coors Field, Colorado.

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