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A Look Back at 3 Former Trade Deadline Deals

With the MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline fast approaching (Monday, July 31st at 4:00 pm Eastern time), there are numerous rumors and predictions being tossed around. Baseball fans love rumors; they provide something to talk about. I, however, prefer to re-evaluate trades that have happened in the recent past, using hindsight to provide clarity on how well each team truly made out in the deal. Since prospects are such a major part of trades in the MLB, it often takes a few years to really determine if a trade was worthwhile. Therefore, I have gone back to the 2012 and 2013 trade deadlines and have handpicked three deals that I believe are worth revisiting.

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The 2016 All-Luxury Tax Team

Last week, SportsNet ran a piece summarizing the teams that exceeded the 2016 MLB Luxury Tax threshold. The list includes six organizations, three from the American League: the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers; and three from the National League: the Dodgers, Giants, and Cubs. As is the case with most luxury tax offenders, each of these teams has at least one ill-advised contract on their books, and some teams have multiple. As a result, I thought I would have a little fun and create a 2016 All-Luxury Tax Team; a team of the most expensive players who provided the least value to their ball clubs in 2016. First though, lets give some background on who our big-spenders were this year (as well as some fun nicknames!).

LOS ANGELES DODGERS aka “The Yankees of the West”

  • Tax Amount: $31.8 million (4th Consecutive offense)

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Michael Fulmer is for Real, Sort Of…

Tonight, RHP Michael Fulmer of the Detroit Tigers will take the mound against the Kansas City Royals, making his 10th start of the season as well as just the tenth start of his career. More importantly though, the 23-year old will be entering this start with a 28 1/3 inning scoreless streak, covering a span of just over 4 games (you can check out Fulmer’s game log below). In his four most recent starts, all being scoreless, Fulmer is 4-0, as is his team. On the season, Fulmer is 7-1, and the Tigers are 8-1 in the games that he has started. For a team that is 34-32 to start the season and is in the midst of what seems to be a four team race for the division crown, it is clear that Fulmer has been instrumental to the Tigers’ season. Well, I am here to tell you that the Michael Fulmer is for real, well sort of…

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