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June Award Race Updates

With the calendar having turned to June, I continue with my monthly awards race series, which from here on out will consist of cumulative totals to this point in the season. As mentioned in my previous post, the four awards categories that I will focus on are MVP, Cy Young, Silver Sluggers, and Gold Gloves. Unlike last month, however, I have decided to make a slight alteration to the statistics that I use to determine these leaders. MVPs and Cy Youngs will still be determined by overall WAR, and Silver Sluggers with still be based on Offensive Runs Above Replacement (Off). Now though, for Gold Gloves, UZR will be used for position players, Defensive Runs Above Replacement (Def) for Catchers, and Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) for pitchers. This will provide the most accurate and consistent rankings from here on out. Still, advanced metrics are not perfect, so I will continue providing a brief summary of the results for each league.

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NEW: Award Race Updates

Beginning this evening, I will be posting monthly and cumulative player updates for the MLB season based on the major Award categories in each league (MVP, Cy Young, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger). These updates, however, will be based on one stat, that stat being whichever I deem to be the most encompassing for the given award category. The list is not exhaustive, but it does provide a general understanding of where certain players stand as we progress through the regular season. Rankings will be determined as follows:


MVP, Top 3 per league, Total fWAR

Cy Young, Top 3 per league, Total fWAR

Silver Slugger, Winner and Runner-up for each league, Offensive WAR

Gold Glove, Winner and Runner-up for each league, Defensive WAR (monthly), Total UZR (cumulative)


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