The 2016 All-Luxury Tax Team

Last week, SportsNet ran a piece summarizing the teams that exceeded the 2016 MLB Luxury Tax threshold. The list includes six organizations, three from the American League: the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers; and three from the National League: the Dodgers, Giants, and Cubs. As is the case with most luxury tax offenders, each of these teams has at least one ill-advised contract on their books, and some teams have multiple. As a result, I thought I would have a little fun and create a 2016 All-Luxury Tax Team; a team of the most expensive players who provided the least value to their ball clubs in 2016. First though, lets give some background on who our big-spenders were this year (as well as some fun nicknames!).

LOS ANGELES DODGERS aka “The Yankees of the West”

  • Tax Amount: $31.8 million (4th Consecutive offense)

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The True Value of Dexter Fowler to the St. Louis Cardinals

Last Friday afternoon, the St. Louis Cardinals finalized a 5-year, $82.5 million with former Cubs center-fielder Dexter Fowler. As has been explained in the media, the Fowler addition was meant to add more athleticism both on defense and atop the Cardinals’ lineup. At face value, this seems to make sense; Fowler’s skills are indicative of a lead-off hitting center fielder. In theory, inserting Fowler in center in place of incumbent Randal Grichuk should improve the outfield defense. In researching this theory; however, I have found that the ‘Fowler Effect’, while certainly providing plus-value, is not as straightforward as it may seem.

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MLB Sweet Spot is Back! Presenting The Five One-Tool Players (by MTJAG)

MLB Sweet Spot is back! After a long hiatus that has spanned from the middle of September until now, I will be slowly providing content once again, just in time for the Hot Stove season. A lot has happened since I was gone, ranging from the Cubs’ all-too-predictable World Series victory, to the not-so-predictable results of the presidential election. Baseball activity will be picking back up now that free agency is open, so it is only appropriate that I provide my thoughts and analysis, whether you, the reader, likes it or not! Many of my articles in the coming months will be featured at Off The Bench Baseball, whom I was writing for previously. In addition, I will do my best to provide some original content for MLB Sweet Spot too. To kick-off the my grand return, I thought I would re-blog an article that was written by Johnnie Teng over at Baseball More Than Just A Game. This article focuses in on a few one-dimensional MLB players who still have managed to add value to their major league ballclubs. I beleive that it also does a nice job of explaining the 5 tools of baseball to for those casual fans who may not be as scouting-oriented. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy!

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Dynamic Power Rankings with 20 Games Remaining

View Previous Rankings
May 2016 (Full Analysis) – June 2016 – July 4th, 2016
July 19th, 2016 – August 2016 (Full Analysis)


Below are the final round of Dynamic Power Rankings for the 2016 regular season, as playoffs begin in early-October. Once the post-season teams are finalized, expect to see additional rankings consisting of just those 10 teams.

For information on how these rankings are compiled, please refer to my post from June, 2016, which can be accessed above.


No Blog is Complete Without an Article about the Best Player in the Game (…Mike Trout)

For the fourth time in five years, Mike Trout may not win the AL MVP award, despite yet another outstanding season by the Los Angeles Angel. Entering play Monday, Trout had put up a triple-slash of .312/.431/.546, accumulating 24 home runs, 21 stolen bases, 82 RBI’s and 98 runs. Defensively Trout has ranked about league average, but advanced metrics have been bullish on him in the past, and to the naked eye he can still impress with his glove. His base-running has been great, per usual, and looks to once again be in the running for AL MVP. Other candidates, like Mookie Betts and Jose Altuve, come and go from year-to-year, but Trout can always be counted on to be right in the thick of the race.

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MLB Sweet Spot Announcement 8/28/2016

As people have probably realized, my posting frequency has declined noticeably over the past few weeks. This, as I explained back in July, is largely due to a new job that I started almost two months ago. Because I need to focus not only on this job, but on my final year of school as well as my career after graduation, my blogging frequency will remain significantly lower than it has in the past.

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If the MLB Playoffs Started Today…

With the trade deadline in the rear-view mirror, rather than a typical team/player/trade analysis, let’s get theoretical: What would the playoffs look like, and how would they unfold, if the season were to end today? Before getting started though, some ground rules:

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